Moving to Prague from Tokyo (1)

Hello, world. I’m Yoshikuni, an iOS developer who moved to Prague from Tokyo last year. It’s been about 10 months since I moved here.
I’m not sure how I can summarize my days since I moved here because so many new things have happened and a lot of feelings have come in and gone by. Sometimes it’s difficult to recall what I was doing and feeling, my memory is sometimes confusing, but I’d like to write things down so I will be able to recall these feelings in the future. This is a very personal summary, but I wish this gives some of you some insights into a relocation experience.

This first post is about a few topics regarding my professional career. There will be the following post about life.

Learning English

Small (but very difficult) difficulties I encountered

  • Conversational phrases: Even if I could understand English at news programs, understanding casual conversational phrases including slang is a different thing. I’ve been studying this while watching some TV series now.
  • Big numbers: English uses thousand (1,000) as one unit (e.g. ten thousand, hundred thousand), but Japanese uses 万 (“man”) 10,000 as one unit (e.g. ten “man”, hundred “man”, thousand “man”). This difference makes converting large numbers very difficult.
  • There should be more that I can’t remember now…

Cultural differences

Thank you for reading. The next post will be about experiences in life.

Software Engineer. Based in Europe since 2019, originally from Japan.