UIKonf 2018 Report

3 min readMay 23, 2018


I attended UIKonf for the first time.
I went there from Tokyo by 12 hours flight, but it was worth spending such time for me😄


Social event (I chose Kayaking) & Kickoff party on Sunday
Radialsystem V was really good place✨
Coffee and tea from Companion Coffee, ice cream and beer after talks🍻
Lots of conversation inside & outside of the venue
Ambassador dinner (I chose German dinner)
Unconference at the last day✨
CocoaHeads Berlin meetup at Babbel


  • Social events at the first day (before the conference) was really good because it could be a good topic to start conversations with other attendees.
  • Some events (like kayaking & ambassador dinner) were held with small group of people which I felt very good because I could communicate with them naturally.
  • All talks were really sophisticated and topics were really diverse. I got lots of inspirations from talks👍
  • I could give a presentation about app architecture by manual dependency injection at the unconference. It was a really great experience.✨ Thank you, listeners!
    (I reused this slides which I used in Japanese meetup before.)
  • The weather & temperature was really nice there☀️
  • I also really enjoyed some sightseeing, foods and staying in Berlin😄 which I didn’t write much here.

If you are interested in iOS developer community and comfortable conferences, I recommend you to attend UIKonf next year😄




Software Engineer. Based in Europe since 2019, originally from Japan.